September 19th, 2019

Re: [EF25] concert setlists,8800.msg75267.html#msg75267

Straight from the lion's mouth:

Setlist Main concert
 1. Reg Line
 2. Tell Me Something (feat. Shadowwolfen)
 3. Bigger
 4. All Arise
 5. Let's Fly
 6. Stay As You Are
 7. Starry Destination
 8. I'm Not Giving Up
 9. Suit Up
10. We Boldly Went
11. AA Battery
12. The Ranger
13. Kellashee
14. Keepers of the Light
15. End Tide
16. Good Con (feat. Shadowwolfen)

Setlist Charity concert
 1. Story
 2. Amish Paradise / Sonic
 3. Driving into the Sun
 4. Skies of Astar (Acoustic Version)
 5. Searching
 6. The Fourth Step
 7. Fruit Cups (feat. Petephin)
 8. Let Me In
 9. Your City, My AC20
10. This Suit
11. Harp Interlude (feat. Latharn)
12. Ode to an Enderfang
13. Horse "Rock"
14. See You Next Year

Shadowwolfen sang a few more songs than I've listed here (pretty sure he did both Story and Starry Destination), but that's what was noted on the setlists I had.